Sunday 05.31.15 (the Promise Keeping God and Praying with Paul)

This Sunday we’ll look at how Joshua 23 explains the sometimes hard to read passages of Joshua 13-22 which tell us that God is the God who keeps his promises. On Sunday night at 6pm we will kickoff a new adult Bible Study: Praying with Paul by D. A. Carson. Hope to see you there! Schedule @945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages @1045 Worship Gathering @6pm Bible Study: Praying with Paul, in church library Sermon Notes The Promise Keeping God ~ Joshua 23

  • žGod made a promise to Abraham of land, offspring, and a blessing; and was fulfilling it in the lives of the people
  • God issued a charge and a warning:
    • The charge: Love God
    • The warning: If you don’t, then you won’t find rest and peace in the land
  • For us:
    • Offspring: If we belong to Jesus, we are Abraham’s offspring and a faithful people
    • Land: God has given us a land where we will have perfect rest (the new earth)
    • Blessing: Having been blessed by God, we are tasked with blessing others


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