Giving of our resources is an important part of life as a follower of Jesus. God is infinitely generous to us by giving us Jesus, who died and rose from the grave to forgive our sins and give us an eternal joy-filled life. God also calls us as followers of Jesus to be generous toward others. We give to help those in need, support the spread of the Gospel throughout the world, and support the mission and activities of the church.

While we promote generous giving among those actively involved with our church, we do not expect visitors to give. If you’re visiting at a church gathering, we hope that we’re able to bless and encourage you with our worship and focus on God.

We have three ways to give:

1. You can give at a regular church gathering. We have opportunities in our Sunday Morning gatherings to worship through giving, during the time we call “offering.”

2. You can give through mail. If you’re not able to attend a Sunday gathering, you can mail a check to the church at PO Box 125, Adrian, MO 64720.

3. You can give online. To give online, follow the instructions below:

>Go to:
>In “Choose Your Designation”, scroll down and select “FBC, Adrian”
>Complete the form with the giving information
>Click “Give Now”
>Note: In using this method or the mobile app, you are giving to the Missouri Baptist Foundation, then they forward your gift to the church minus standard credit card fees (2.69%+$0.30 per transaction). Therefore, you will receive an end of year tax statement from the MBF and not the church for such gifts.
>Or use the mobile app, following these instructions:

App Giving Card