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Introducing “The Journey” (a little book to help you grow spiritually)

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The Christian life is a journey.

When calling people to himself, Jesus often used the words, “Follow me.” To follow implies movement–you’re travelling a path and going somewhere. That somewhere is an adventure in knowing God more and becoming more like Jesus. It is learning how to love God supremely and love others deeply no matter what is going on in the world. It is a journey that ultimately takes us into the great promised land of eternity where we will discover there is always more to learn about the greatness of God, there is always more to enjoy in the richness of his grace, and there is always more to happily do as we rule with each other and Jesus over the new creation.

Seven times in Ephesians Paul described this journey as a walk. There is movement.

To help you on this journey I have written a book/workbook simply called The Journey. Its purpose is to help you grow in all avenues of your journey of faith: loving God, loving other followers of Jesus, and loving those who are not followers of Jesus. I’ve described these under the phrases of living truth, building community, and pursuing missions. This book is free for you to use, print, copy, share, and/or distribute as you see fit (just give proper citation when due). You can download your own copy by clicking below (it is a .pdf file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader or some other .pdf reader program; approximately 1.4 megs in file size; and formatted with margins to be printed double-sided on standard 8.5×11 paper).

I also welcome any feedback you have to share or grammatical errors you notice (we have gone over the document several times, but I don’t have a professional editing staff! 🙂 ).

May it be a good tool for your journey as you follow Jesus.

Download the file by clicking here: The Journey: A Guide to Spiritual Growth

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