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Good Reads 07.01.15 (on dealing with hurtful words, seeing God during dark times, the sacredness of church, and more)

Here is a collection of links from various good reads spread across the internet. Be sure to check them out!

On dealing with hurtful words: A Better Word by Jared C. Wilson (click here)

I know this was meant to be seen as a compliment. But honestly. You know what “he/she has a good personality” is code for. What this news said to this skinny, insecure, pimply-faced kid was this: “There is not a single physical part of you that is attractive. You are entirely ugly.” Words sting. And bruise.

On patience in times of personal darkness: Waiting Patiently When the Story Goes Dark by Stephen Altrogge (click here)

The point is, God often takes us through the darkness. He does this so that we might learn to trust him with all our hearts, and lean not on our own understanding. God wants us to know that he is our shepherd. He leads us beside still waters, and he leads us through the valley of death. He wants us to learn to trust him in both places.

On recapturing the sense of sacredness with church: Have We Lost Our Sense of Sacredness by J.A. Medders (click here)

Our churches are God’s possession. We are not irrelevant, unimportant, or yada-yada’d to him. We are God’s. When we gather together on every Lord’s day, heaven meets earth in an orderly fashion. Cosmic realties are played out right in front of us. When you look at another Christian, you are looking at God’s possession, a sacred member of the body of Christ Jesus.

On spending time to get to know the God we claim to follow: Do We Know the God We’re Serving? by David Burnette (click here)

What would you think of a husband who worked hard to provide for his wife, professed his love for her daily, and even brought her flowers on a regular basis, but never took the time to sit down and have a conversation with her? Sure, he’s making sacrifices, but can we honestly say that he delights in her? The obvious answer is no, but before we get too mad at this guy, let’s ask ourselves, Are we doing the same thing with God?

Some thoughts on the recent same-sex marriage ruling: Same-Sex Marriage and the Future by Russ Moore (click here)

The long-term prospects for marriage are good. Marriage is resilient, and the sexual revolution always disappoints. It’s true these are dark days for the culture of marriage. But dark days are exactly what our gospel is for. No day was darker than the day the Son of God died in Palestine on a criminal’s cross. We are here because that dark day was not the end of the story. And because it wasn’t the end then, it will never be the end now.

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