We Love Adrian

We love Adrian!

We want you to know that. The First Baptist Church has been a part of this community almost as long as the town has existed, and we are here because God loves us and God loves you!

A man once asked Jesus what is the greatest command that God has given. Jesus answered: love God with everything you are and love your neighbor as yourself.[1] The main goal of life and of church is to love God and love others. Sometimes we forget this and we focus on other things and let the busyness of life distract us because, well, we’re not perfect—but we’re loved by a God who is and we want to share his love with you.

God loves you this much… The Bible says that all of us have sinned, meaning we’ve chosen to not trust God and we’ve chosen to rebel against God. God’s judgment against sin is death, both in this life and eternal death in hell. We can’t rescue ourselves from either, no matter how much we try. Yet even though we have made ourselves enemies of God as we rebel against him, God doesn’t leave us hopeless and on our own.[2]

Instead, God gave himself to us through Jesus. Jesus came and lived the perfect life that we could not, and gave himself to be a perfect sacrifice and payment to God for our sin and rebellion. Jesus became our sin and took God’s judgment that we could become the goodness and rightness of God.[3]

God loves us so much that he gave us life and forgiveness as a gift. We can’t earn it or work to pay back God for it. We can only come to him, empty-handed to receive. We give our lives to him and he gives everything to us and begins to change us so that we can truly love him and love others. The Bible calls God’s gift grace and our trust in Jesus to receive this gift faith.[4]

As people who believe in Jesus, love God, and have experienced his love and grace, we want to share God’s love with you.

We do this in several ways.

First, we provide a place and opportunities for you to learn more about Jesus, his love for us, and his word. These are our worship gatherings and other meetings.

Second, we look for opportunities to serve Adrian and the surrounding communities through various events. Keep watch on our home page or Facebook page for more information when these occur.

Third, we serve through the Adrian Ministerial Alliance to help those in the community when finances are tight.[5] The Alliance helps with utility bills, rent, and medical bills when you’re struggling with your ability to pay. The funds come through donations from church members and business leaders in the community. However, funds are limited. You can contact the church office for more information when you have a need arise.

If you would like to know more about Jesus, the ways we serve, or have an idea about how we can better serve our community and share the love of Jesus, we would love to hear from you.

God loves you and we love you. We love Adrian!


[1] Matthew 22:36-40

[2] Romans 3:23-24, 5:1-11, and 6:23

[3] John 3:16 and 2 Corinthians 5:21

[4] Ephesians 2:1-10 and Titus 2:11-14

[5] The Adrian Ministerial Alliance churches are: First Baptist (us); Adrian Christian Church, Heart of Life, and Victory Assembly of God.