Awana Registration

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The Awana club at FBC Adrian meets Wednesdays throughout the school year from 6:30pm to 8pm on days when Adrian’s school is in session. For 2019-20, Awana begins September 18, 2019. Parents and guardians, you can register your students by filling out the form below. If you would prefer to complete a paper form, they will be available at the Awana registration table in the gym.

COVID-19 Precautions for Awana:
As we strive to do our part in prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to adopt a plan similar to the schools. If it becomes necessary for the school to suspend in-person learning, we will suspend Awana until school returns to session or local health department guidance leads us to conclude we can safely resume the program.

1. We ask that if your student is sick, especially with flu-like symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, that they do not participate in Awana until recovered and/or the recommended quarantine period is completed.

2. As most of our Awana classrooms are small and close-quartered, we are asking that students wear a mask. Exceptions are: A) The student has a health issue that prevents them from wearing a mask; B) The student is too young to properly and safely wear a mask; or C) The student is engaged in an activity at Awana that is not close-quartered and transmission risk is low. We ask that students bring a mask from home labeled with their names. We have masks available for those who come without one, but our supply is limited.

3. Please take your student’s temperature prior to bringing them to Awana, and verify they are not running a fever. We will have a touchless forehead thermometer available for students who’s temperature was not taken at home. If a student becomes sick and/or begins to run a fever while in attendance, we will remove them from the group setting and call you or an emergency contact for pick-up.

4. When you drop off your student, we ask that you come to the check-in desk with them to verify the above. Students will be held in classrooms until you arrive to pick them up. If your student walks to Awana, please let us know that they have your permission to arrive and leave on their own.

5. For general safety reasons, we will not be able to admit a child without a registration form completed by a parent or guardian. You can fill out the form below or fill out a paper form in person.

6. If you have any questions about the above, please let us know. Thanks!

Registration form for 2020-21: