Covid-19 Worship Service Update

5/7 Update: The Governor of Missouri has allowed churches to resume in-person gatherings so long as social distancing guidelines are followed (maintaining 6ft between persons of different households). And the county government has not extended its Stay at Home order.

Therefore, we will resume our worship gatherings at 1045am beginning Sunday May 10. We are asking all in attendance to follow the distancing guidelines. We also have other measures in place to minimize the potential spread of COVID19.

If you are sick, especially with flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who is ill, we ask that you please stay at home for the duration recommended by your doctor and/or the CDC.

We will not be staffing our nursery until further notice, nor shall we be having Sunday School or other in-person Bible studies at this time. If you are not yet comfortable being part of a public gathering, then we would encourage you to take your time before returning. We will still maintain livestreams of our service according to the following schedule:

9am, a prayer post for the day
1045am, worship gathering live stream

We also will be continuing our Wednesday Schedule of livestreams: 1pm, Bible Study; 6pm Virtual Prayer Meeting; 7pm Hymn Sing.

You can watch these streams on the church facebook page.