Values :: TCM

At the First Baptist Church of Adrian, we exist to honor Jesus by living the truth, building community, and pursuing missions.

Above everything else, we want to honor Jesus and live for him in everything we do as a church together and in our individual lives and homes. Under this main core value of honoring Jesus, we also value (1) living the truth, (2) building community, and (3) pursuing missions.

We take these values from Jesus’ prayer for his followers in John 17 and his command in Matthew 22:34-40 to love God and love others.

Live Truth. Living the truth is primarily about loving God with our lives as Jesus’ followers (disciples). To live the truth, we want to grow in our understanding of and obedience to God’s word (the Bible); we want to grow in our relationship with God as we speak to him through prayer; and we devote ourselves to know and follow Jesus through both the word and prayer because God uses these things to shape our character to be more like Jesus.

Build Community. Building community is about loving other followers of Jesus and loving God together. To build community, we spend time in fellowship, caring for one another as a spiritual family; we hold each other accountable to follow Jesus in all we do; and we praise God together with a variety of songs during our times of corporate worship.

Pursue Missions. Pursuing missions is about loving people who are not followers of Jesus, showing them the love of God, and helping them see the value in loving God as well. To pursue missions, we seek to give of our time and resources; we use our abilities and resources to serve people in our community and world who are in need; and we share the life-changing hope we have found in the good news the Bible gives us about Jesus.

Truth. Community. Missions.
Live Truth (word, prayer, character)
Build Community (fellowship, accountability, praise)
Pursue Missions (giving, serving, sharing)

For a general idea of what we believe as a church, check out the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

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