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Thanksgiving – Psalm 7 (Psalm Saturday)

I will thank the Lord for his righteousness; I will sing about the name of the Lord Most High.

Psalm 7:17, Christian Standard Bible

Psalm 7 is a prayer for justice, where David lamented the evil he saw and also asked God to weigh his own actions and bring judgment if he had been one to commit evil as well. In this prayer, there is also a recognition of God’s righteousness and good judgment. And the fruit of these thoughts? Thanksgiving.

Injustice still persists so much in the world around us because sin still exists in the world. God does step in and bring present justice to bear in some situations but at other times we wait. God has established his plan. When the time has come, according to his wisdom, he will step in and bring full and final judgment. Peace will be ever-present; goodness will reign. It’s the notion, captured in the hope of stories: All the sad things will come untrue.

We can thank God for the justice he has brought in the past. We also look forward in hope, thanking God for what he has promised to bring in the future.

Justice will prevail because God has promised it.

Give him thanks.

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