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Happiness – Psalm 1 (Psalm Saturday)

How happy is the one [whose] delight is in the Lord’s instruction…

Psalm 1:1-2, Christian Standard Bible

God cares about your happiness. Far more than you care about your own happiness. Infinitely so.

The world lies to us, however, and says that is not the case. This is the same temptation Adam and Eve faced in the Garden. The Serpent filled their minds with doubt about God’s goodness. He moved their eyes away from all the things God had given them in his love, as if such gifts and God himself were not enough, and toward the one, singular thing that God had denied them.

Instead of being satisfied with God’s great goodness, they looked for happiness away from God.

God is infinitely concerned about your happiness but he wants you to understand that he is the foundation for it.

The advice of those who would lead you away from God? Ignore it. The path of those who say that happiness is found apart from God? Don’t follow it. Their way is destruction. Their end is death. Just like in the Garden, Adam and Eve thought they gained something better and ended up only on the outside of paradise, looking in.

If you want to know the path to true happiness, if you want to experience true satisfaction, then let your heart be captivated by God as he has revealed himself, his goodness, and his plans in his word. Treasure the Bible. Let your heart be moved by it. Immerse yourself day and night into the story of Scripture. See the need for Jesus, the Hero, as your Savior-King. Trust in him. Long for him. Follow him.

Then your life will have true purpose. You will taste the goodness of God and you’ll bask in his love and glory forever.

Image source: Photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

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