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Proverbs 11:13 (a proverb a day)

For the month of May, we’ll take a brief look at 31 wise sayings from Proverbs 11, that’s one proverb a day…

A gossip goes around revealing a secret, but a trustworthy person keeps a confidence.

Proverbs 11:13, Christian Standard Bible

If we’re being honest, gossip tends to be something we consider an acceptable sin. Either we have no shame at all about gossiping, or we try to disguise our gossip: “I’m just concerned about them” or “I just think they need prayer for this.”

There’s a reason why the Bible speaks so much against gossip.

It’s the opposite of loving neighbor.

When we gossip, at best we want to make someone else look bad and at worse we want to hurt them. Love, however, will refuse to think of gossip or any sin as acceptable. Love and trust go together. If we love someone, we will keep in confidence the things we should keep confident.

Image credit: Photo by Amy Tran on Unsplash

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