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Proverbs 11:4 (a proverb a day)

For the month of May, we’ll take a brief look at 31 wise sayings from Proverbs 11, that’s one proverb a day…

Wealth is not profitable on a day of wrath, but righteousness rescues from death.

Proverbs 11:4, Christian Standard Bible

You can’t buy your salvation.

In the New Testament (Luke 9), Jesus said, “What does it profit a person to gain the world but lose their soul?” That doesn’t mean that gain is bad or money is evil. Wealth is a tool that can be used for great good (and also for dark evils). But money isn’t everything.

God does not favor the rich over the poor. When we stand before him, what we had in this life will not tip the scales of eternal judgment. Only one thing will matter: Do we have Jesus?

To have nothing in this life, but to have Jesus and his righteousness is to have everything as we step into eternity. To have everything in this life, but to lack Jesus and his righteousness is to have nothing, and even less than nothing with no rescue from God’s wrath against sin.

You can’t buy salvation; but through faith you can have Jesus, and he is worth infinitely more than all the treasure of the world.

Image credit: Photo by Mark Koch on Unsplash

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