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Praying the Bible ~ Isaiah 65:25

Praying through verses or passages of the Bible is a great way to help you pray according to the will and desires of God. Below is a passage of Scripture and a sample prayer. I would encourage you to pray that prayer, or, even better, read the passage and pray as God leads you.

Text: Isaiah 65:25
The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like cattle, but the serpents food will be dust! They will not do what is evil or destroy on my entire holy mountain, says the Lord.  (Christian Standard Bible)

Father, we turn on the news and hear of wars and rumors of war. People platform to debase those made in your image. Stories fill our lives of untimely deaths and ill and frail children. Sin seeks to rob the beauty of your world, but you promise this is not the way it will always be. Through your Son, set our hopes on the New Creation. In the midst of war, sickness, and strife, remind us again and again that the day is coming of perfect peace, health, and love. You shamed Satan, the serpent of old, through the cross. You promise the day is coming when you will crush that snake under our feet. Give us great hope so that we can be a light in the darkness to our world. Amen.

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