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What Eye Cannot See

This post is part of a devotional series based on our 2019 Bible Reading Calendar.

The Bible divides reality into two realms: seen and unseen, or the natural and supernatural. These two realms interact and intersect constantly. We just don’t always see it.

In the unseen realm there are battles that impact and influence us. This is what Paul described as spiritual warfare in Ephesians when he wrote, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness, against evil, spiritual forces in the heavens” (6:12).

As human beings, we live in both the seen and the unseen. We have our bodies with its abilities and senses, and we have our spirits or souls. Even if the body is destroyed, the soul lives on. This is why when he was in prison and about to die, Paul considered himself kept safe by God. He would join Jesus, and enter safely into the heavenly Kingdom (2 Timothy 4).

In our current lives, however, we often get distracted by and fixated on what we can see, taste, hear, smell, and feel. In our day-to-day lives, we sometimes even act as if the unseen isn’t real or doesn’t matter. Paul thought it mattered greatly. Enough to remind us that our real enemy is not another human being but spiritual forces.

In 2 Kings 6, Elisha’s servant learned this lesson. The king of Aram, as he was fighting against Israel, found himself frustrated time and time again because Elisha informed Israel’s king ahead of time about Aram’s plans. Aram’s king thought he had a spy, but the truth was God revealed Aram’s plans to the prophet.

The king of Aram then sought to capture Elisha. He sent a massive army to the place where Elisha was camped. When his servant woke in the morning, the sight terrified him. He said to Elisha, “Oh, my master, what are we to do?”

Elisha told his servant not to be afraid, “For those who are with us outnumber those who are with them.” Elisha then prayed that his servant might have open eyes to perceive the unseen army sent by God to protect Elisha and his servant.

This is why, no matter the situation, we must think beyond what our eyes can see. We must trust God and don the spiritual armor. Yes, we face wars and rumors of wars in this realm, but the greatest battles are in places unseen. But we, who belong to Jesus, have already been promised victory (Romans 8:37-39).

Scripture quotations taken from the Christian Standard Bible.

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