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Sunday 12.02.18 (the life of Tabitha–a woman of good works)

This morning we’ll continue our “The Life of…” series with a look at the life of Tabitha from Acts 9:36-43, and we’ll see how faith leads to a life of good works. Then tonight at 6pm, we’ll continue our video study of the book of Judges. We hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm Children’s Christmas Program Practice (auditorium)
@6pm Judges Bible Study (youth room)

Sermon Notes
Tabitha–A Woman of Good Works ~ Acts 9:36-43

The sermon in one sentence: Following the example of Tabitha, our faith should lead us to love others through good works.

  • Be a disciple and a saint who trusts in and follows Jesus (9:36, 41)
    • “Disciple” is about our lifestyle–we learn from and follow Jesus
    • “Saint” is about our nature–we are made pure and righteous by Jesus
    • We are disciples and saints through trust in Jesus
  • Be a disciple and a saint whose life is filled with good works and acts of charity (9:36-43)
    • Good works are anything you do for another person to help make their life better
    • Acts of charity are good works that focus specifically on helping the poor and less fortunate
    • Good works and acts of charity should be a defining part of our lives


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