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Sunday 10.28.18 (shining the light)

This Sunday we’ll wrap up our series on the Bible and mental health, Finding Light in the Darkness, by looking at Romans 12:9-15 and how love compels us to be there for others in the midst of their struggles. Then on Sunday evening, we’ll continue our video series on Judges by JD Greear. We hope to see you there!

Sunday Schedule
@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm Judges video study in youth room

Sermon Notes
Shining the Light ~ Romans 12:9-15

The sermon in one sentence: Jesus, the Light of the world, is the great answer to darkness in life, and Jesus calls us to shine his light in love for others to have hope and help.

  • žThe primacy of love:
    • Love should be our primary attitude and motivation for action toward others (12:9-10)
    • žOur love and concern for the well-being of others should be ever-increasing (12:10-11)
  • Shining the light of love:
    • žShine the light spiritually, love others by pointing them to Jesus (12:12)
    • žShine the light physically, love by meeting practical needs (12:13)
    • žShine the light relationally and emotionally, love by being present for and empathizing with others (12:14-15)

finding light in the darkness (sermon series)

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Songs for Worship
Blessed Be the Name
Send the Light
They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love
O Church, Arise
Make Me a Blessing

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