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Sunday 02.18.18 (the long, patient plan of God)

This Sunday we’ll begin our journey through the book of Exodus and see how in Exodus God began to fulfill promises he made over 400 years earlier to Abraham. This reminds us that God works his plan in his time and that is best. We will also be having Sunday School teacher training in the afternoon and our video study on fighting for joy in the evening. We hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@2pm Sunday School Teacher Training in the gym
@6pm Evening Study in the youth room

Sermon Notes
The Long, Patient Plan of God ~ Exodus 1:1-14, 2:11-25

The sermon in one sentence: God faithfully works his plan for the good of his people, but does so in his time and we must learn to be patient and to trust.

  • God fulfills all of his promises (Exodus 1:1-7)
    • Therefore, trust God to keep his word to us
  • God rights the wrongs that are done against his people (1:8-14, 2:11-25)
    • Therefore, cry out to him with your hurts and rest in his grace
  • God acts in his time, which is the best time
    • Therefore, be proactively patient–pursuing Jesus and righteousness, but understanding that the best is not always immediate

Songs for Worship
From the Rising of the Sun
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Standing on the Promises
Give Us Clean Hands
In His Time


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