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Sunday 10.15.17 (an assured salvation)

This Sunday, we’ll continue our journey through 1 Thessalonians with a look at 1:4-10 and how we can be assured of our salvation. Then on Sunday night, we’ll watch part one of a documentary on Martin Luther for the upcoming 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. We hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm Video Study in church auditorium

Sermon Notes

1 thessalonians
An Assured Salvation ~ 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10

You can be sure of your salvation because…

  • You’ve believed in Jesus through the Gospel and the Holy Spirit is using it to change you (1:4-5, 9-10)
    • The Gospel demands belief (1:4-5)
    • The Gospel’s power through the Holy Spirit results in transformation (1:5, 9-10)
  • You happily long to be like Jesus and to learn from the godly examples of other followers of Jesus (1:5-6)
    • We are to be imitators of Jesus (1:6)
    • We are to imitate those who imitate Jesus (1:5-6)
    • We imitate Jesus and others with joy, even if we face affliction and suffering (1:6)
  • Your life is a growing example of faith to those around you (1:7-10)

Songs for Worship
At Calvary
My Faith Has Found a Resting Place
Higher Ground
Change My Heart, O God
Be Glorified

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