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Sunday 12.18.16 (the end is the beginning)

With morning temperatures expected to be near zero and wind chills below zero, use your best judgment on whether or not you get out on Sunday morning. But for those of you who can make it, we’ll be wrapping up our 2-year through the Bible series The Story of God with a look at what Revelation 21&22 says about eternity. At the moment, we’re still planning on having the Children’s Christmas Program that evening, but stay tuned for updates.

Sunday Schedule
@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm Children’s Christmas Program, snacks to follow

Sermon Notes
The End is the Beginning ~ Revelation 21-22

  • Eternity is a place…
    • Where judgment has ceased (21:2)
    • Where we experience perfect glory and beauty (21:2, 9-21)
    • Where we fully experience the glory and presence of God (21:3, 22-27; 22:3-4)
    • Where we experience full and lasting healing (21:4, 22:1-2)
    • Where we rule alongside Jesus (21:7, 22:3-5)
  • In light of eternity…
    • Beware the judgment coming for those who have chosen sin over Jesus (21:8; 22:3, 12-15)
    • Drink freely from the “water of life” (21:6, 22:14-17)
    • Obey the word of God, living a repentant life (21:7, 22:7-19)
    • Worship only God, letting him be the great focus and motivation of all that you do (22:8-9)
    • Long for Jesus to return (22:20-21)

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