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Sunday 12.11.16 (our great God)

This Sunday we’ll take a look at Psalm 139 and the greatness of our God. Then on Sunday night, adults will meet in the youth room for the conclusion of our Global Gospel study while the kids will gather in the auditorium to practice the upcoming Children’s Christmas Program. We hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm The Global Gospel study in youth room
@6pm Children’s Program Practice

Sermon Notes
Our Great God ~ Psalm 139

  • Our all-knowing God (139:1-6)–God knows everything perfectly about every detail of his creation at every moment (omniscience)
  • Our everywhere-present God (139:7-16)–God is fully present in every place of his creation at every moment (omnipresence)
  • Our ever-true God (139:17-24)–God is perfectly good, righteous, and faithful in all he does; he will not let evil stand forever (omnibenevolence)
  • These truths should:
    • Cause us to marvel in awe of God (139:6-10, 17-18)
    • Bring comfort to our hearts from God’s love (139:1-5)
    • Deepen our relationship with God (139:1-5)
    • Lead us to live in his light and not hide in darkness (139:11-12)
    • Deepen our trust in God’s work and plan (139:13-16)
    • Help us trust that God will punish evil and thus flee from sin ourselves (139:19-22)
    • Help us trust God to lead us from the darkness of our sin and into life eternal (139:23-24)

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