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Sunday 07.24.16 (Jesus: the greatest hero)

This Sunday is VBS2016 Kickoff! Sunday morning, we’ll take a look at Daniel 7 and see how Jesus is the greatest of all heroes. Then Sunday night at 6pm kids preschool through the 6th grade can join us for HeroHeadquarters Vacation Bible School. We hope to see you there!

If you’re the parent/guardian of a child and would like for them to be a part of our VBS, you can show up a little before 6pm to register them or you can still pre-register at our VBS2016 page (click here).

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm HeroHeadquarters VBS (runs until 815pm, Sunday through Thursday with family night at 6pm on Friday July 29)

Sermon Notes
Jesus: The Greatest Hero ~ Daniel 7

  • A “hero” is a person of great courage and character, a role model, or a person of great valor who makes sacrifices for others. In all of these descriptions, Jesus is the greatest Hero.
  • In the world there are kings and kingdoms that rise and fall (7:1-8, 15-26)
    • Daniel saw a vision of 4 kingdoms that would impact God’s people: Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome
    • These produced frightful and unsure times that challenged the faith of God’s people, times that needed hope and rescue
  • Hope and rescue are in King Jesus and his eternal kingdom (7:9-28)
    • God is still sovereign over all
    • Jesus rules as the great King
    • His kingdom is already present in the world but not yet fully manifested in its glory
    • King Jesus shares his kingdom with his people
      • Live as one rescued and made righteous by Jesus through faith as you spread his fame (7:18)
      • Trust Jesus to turn all wrongs to rights and do not fear the world powers (7:21-22)
      • Look forward to ruling with Jesus and so display his goodness and mission (7:27, 12:1-3)

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