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Good Reads 06.23.16 (on: work, fatherhood, and more!)

Here is a collection of good reads gathered from across the internet this past week. Enjoy!

On fatherhood: The Two Words Fathers Should Say to Their Children by Joe Carter

There are few imperatives a father hears more often from his children than “watch me.” It’s a plea for us to recognize that whatever our son or daughter is doing—catching a ball, jumping off a diving board—is worthy of our full attention. They know we are often busy, often distracted, and they want, at least for a moment, for us to truly see them. By seeing them in action, they believe, we’ll appreciate them even more. We can learn a valuable lesson from their example: If we want our children to develop godly habits we need to imitate them by saying, “Watch me.” (click here to read more)

On work: 7 Reasons Why I Wish Everyone Had Experience Working in a Restaurant by Art Rainer

Restaurant work is hard.

During high school, I worked in a chain restaurant. My roles varied depending on the night. I showed people their seat, cleaned tables, and served food. And I am glad I did this. It helped develop a healthy work ethic in me before I plunged into the “real world.” It makes me wish that everyone had a similar experience. Here’s why… (click here to read more)

On Christians and funerals: I Forbid You to Say These Things at My Funeral by Tim Challies

We’re not having a funeral; we’re having a celebration. Why pit the two against one another as if only one can be true? We are having a funeral and it is a genuinely sad occasion. Yet we do not, can not, must not mourn as those who have no hope. A Christian funeral marks both a departure and an arrival; it provides an occasion for both grief and joy. (click here to read more)

On sex and marriage: Why Sex Isn’t the Best Thing Ever by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

One of the best blessings to me in my singleness were friends who did not make marriage an ultimate thing in my eyes by only telling me the beautiful parts of their marriage, but who told me the difficulties of it as well. They also prayed for me actively to someday have the gift of marriage. I hope I am doing the same for my still single friends who desire the gift. I want them to know its not all romance and intimacy and good feelings and great conversation. But I also want them to experience the gift themselves so they can both see it and minister out of it.

One thing it is very easy to believe during the long fast from sexual intimacy that is godward singleness, is the option to have sex will make things better. Most of us wouldn’t be so foolish to say having sex makes things better, but it’s darn easy to believe the option and permission to will make it better. But sex doesn’t make things better. Not in the way you think it will. (click here to read more)

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