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Sunday 06.19.16 (the coming generations)

We want to wish a happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and grandfathers in our congregation. We will also have a special gift for all the men present. We’ll also be looking at Psalm 78:1-8 and the command for the older generations to teach the younger generations about God. Hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
**No Evening Activities at church, enjoy Father’s Day!

Sermon Notes
Tell It to the Coming Generations ~ Psalm 78:1-8

The command: One generation is to teach the next generation about God and his ways (78:4)

  • Who do we teach?
    • We are to teach our physical family (78:5, Deut 6, Eph 6:4)
    • We are to teach our spiritual Family (Titus 2:1-8)
  • What do we teach?
    • Of God’s glory and work
  • Why do we teach?
    • To leave a lasting legacy of knowing Jesus (78:5-7)
    • To lead our children/grandchildren to hope in Christ (78:7)
    • …to obey Christ (78:7)
    • …to flee the snares of sin (78:8)
  • How do we teach?
    • Use a variety of engaging methods (78:1-3)
    • Be intentional about your own growth in character (78:8)
    • Be intentional about sharing God’s word and your faith with others, especially your children (78:5)

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