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Good Reads 02.24.16 (on: justice, marriage, and more!)

Here is a collection of good reads gathered from across the internet this past week. Enjoy!

On marriage and date nights: In Defense of Date Nights by Stacy Reaoch

In our own sixteen-year marriage and ministry, we’ve come to view date nights as a life-giving time to keep marriage fresh. Our American culture pushes workaholism and child-centeredness in such a way that marriage is often left on the back burner. The vast majority of us don’t need a free pass to stop dating our spouses, but a push to be intentional about making marriage a priority amidst the other demands and responsibilities of life. (click here to read more)

On being married and on being single: At Least You’re Married or Single by Lore Ferguson Wilbert

Marrieds love to tell singles going through transitions and hard times, “At least you’re not tied down! At least you’re free to be flexible! At least you can make your own schedule, etc.” Singles love to tell marrieds going through transitions and hard times, “At least you have each other! At least you’re married! At least you don’t have to do it alone!” The truth is that painful circumstances in our own lives can bring offensive, short-sighted, and dismissive platitudes to real struggles in the lives of other people. Freedoms that exist within singleness come with a cost and the partnership that comes within marriage can mean a similar cost. (click here to read more)

On the fight for justice, including a tribute to Harper Lee: Atticus Finch and the Fight for Justice by Jasmine Holmes

Ultimately, Atticus Finch’s fight for justice is incomplete; his champion has passed away, and before she did, she showed us that our hero was, in fact, more complicated than we ever realized. She also showed us the power of story to declare impactful truths. My hope is to see a generation of storytellers rising up to stand in her wake, communicating truths in just as winsome and unapologetic a way as she did, and anchoring those stories in the ultimate truth and healing power of the gospel. (click here to read more)

On the Christian life and how we view each other: When You Are Too “Jesus-Freakish” for Some Christian Circles, and Not “Sold Out” Enough for Others by Matt Moore

As you try to follow Jesus as the Bible prescribes, have you ever been perceived as “too spiritual” by some professing Christians and “not spiritual enough” by others? Have you ever been ridiculed by one group of people for being a holy roller and shunned by another group for not being “sold out” enough? I’m sure you have because Christians today encounter the same kind of mislabeling that John the Baptist and Jesus dealt with two millennia ago. Though accessing and learning the Scriptures has never been easier, there are subcultures within contemporary Christian culture that seem so void of biblical truth and wisdom. Like the Pharisees of times past, these subcultures twist or add to the true faith and ridicule—or even condemn—those who won’t submit to their twistings and additions. (click here to read more)

On making the most of “retirement”: Hillary, Bernie, Donald, and Me by John Piper

“Jesus gave himself for us to purify for himself a people who are zealous for good works” (Titus 2:14). No age limit. Zealous. Passionate. To the end. For good works. Works that he has gifted you to do. He has given you a lifetime of experience and wisdom and resources. You have a decade of freedom in front of you. This is a trust. All your previous life was designed for this season of fruitfulness. What is your dream? (click here to read more)



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