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Good Reads Christmas Edition 12.23.15

Below is a collection of good reads gathered from the internet this past week. Also, join us in celebrating Christmas Eve tomorrow night at 6pm!

christmas eve 2015

A Perfect Christmas by Hannah Grieser

Perfection, however, may not look like we think it should. Children may stick their fingers in the frosting. Perfect. Let them taste that the Lord is good. Enemies may rise against us. Perfect. Love them, for God has prepared a table for us in their presence. The valley of the shadow of death may surround us. Perfect. He is with us, filling our cup until it sloshes over the rim and drips from our fingers. (click here to read more)

How to Stay Christian During Xmas by Jake Rainwater

For evangelicals like me the struggle arises this time of year to distinguish between the secular Christmas season and the church’s recognition of the birth of Christ. We hear about the “war on Christmas” and how secular culture is gradually transforming our Christian holiday into a purely non-religious marketing ploy. It is easy for Christians to turn the holidays into a bitter Hatfield vs. McCoy feud with society, and far too often that is exactly what happens. We engage in this “war against Christmas,” and in so doing we lose our Christian saltiness. We bundle up our light. (click here to read more)

The Christmas Miracle of the Incarnate Omnipresent Word by Jared C. Wilson

Wait a second, you might say. Didn’t Jesus disregard his deity as something to be grasped? Yes, but what Paul is getting at in Philippians 2:5-8 is not that Jesus did not “hold” or “maintain” the fullness of his divinity but that he did not exploit it or leverage it against his experiencing the fullness of humanity. He didn’t pull the parachute, in other words. Instead, what we see in the wonder of the God-Man is a miraculous extension, not reduction. (click here to read more)

Joy to the World by Marshall Segal

Those who rejoice at Jesus’s coming will suffer in this life, but their weakness, pain, and misery here are as nothing compared with the glories they already have in heaven. When we suffer for the sake of Christ, we are blessed, because suffering with him is a way of confirming we are his. And those who are his have nothing to fear and nothing to lose, and everything to gain, everything already waiting for them in heaven with God. (click here to read more)

And finally… Enjoy the sounds of Christmas with this rendition of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Sovereign Grace Music:

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