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Sunday 12.20.15 (What’s in a name?)

This Sunday we’ll celebrate Christmas by taking a look at Isaiah 9:6, a prophecy about Jesus’ birth, and ask the question: What’s in a name? Sunday evening we’ll finish up the movie, The Christmas Experience.

Also, don’t forget: No Wednesday evening activities for the next two weeks, but on Thursday December 24 at 6pm, we’ll celebrate Christmas Eve with a candlelight service with hot chocolate and snacks to follow. Hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm The Christmas Experience in the church library

christmas eve 2015

Sermon Notes
What’s in a Name? ~ Isaiah 9:6

  • The Child’s purpose (9:2-7)
  • The Child’s name (9:6)
  • The promises of the name
    • Wonderful Counselor: the promise of wisdom—receive salvation and follow his word
    • Mighty God: the promise of strength—stand in his might and war against sin
    • Everlasting Father: the promise of care—trust in his provision and share his generosity
    • Prince of Peace: the promise of comfort—rest in his rule and seek peace with all

Check out the video below… This is a missionary testimony from an International Mission Board missionary working with Syrians. During this time of year we collect for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, where every penny given goes to support missionaries on the foreign field. If you are unable to give to this offering at church, consider giving at the IMB website (click here).

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