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Good Reads 12.09.15 (on: marriage, praise, and more!)

Here is a collection of good reads gathered from across the internet this past week. Enjoy!

An Advent/Christmas meditation: What Child Is This? by David Mathis

The manger is for all sinners because the cross is for all sinners. And this is all too much for simple fact-finding, cool-headed analysis, and calculated articulations. This is the stuff of singing. This is the time to say, to declare in the awe and wonder of worship, “What child is this?” (click here to read more)

On learning contentment: Contentment Isn’t Natural, but It Can Be Learned by Michael Kelley

Now you might look at this passage and feel a sense of discouragement. It’s not particularly uplifting to recognize the reality that at some point, circumstances will change. You, like me, will experience points of loss and need and sadness in this life. The encouraging part of this verse isn’t that we aren’t going to feel the pain of those things. No – the encouraging part of this verse is that Paul learned the secret of being content. (click here to read more)

On praising other people: The Pleasure of Praising Others by Sam Crabtree

Why were we made? Answer: We were created to commend. It’s why we have tongues and lips. We are a speaking species, and speech is for the purpose of lauding the laud-worthy. When a person is struck with awe and appreciation, what does he do? He affirms. Affirmation is what awe and appreciation arouse. We were made for this. We were made to be awed and made to spew appreciation for what awes us most. Awesomeness either terrifies us or pleases us. If it’s terrible, we shrink back and cry out. And if it’s wonderful, we perk up and overflow with approval. Either way, we say something. We might shriek, or we might rave. We can’t help it. (click here to read more)

On husbands edifying their wives: Six Things You Should Say to Your Wife by Dayton Hartman

One of the deepest needs every man can meet for his wife, is by providing a sense of security. You don’t have to always say, “Hey, for the record…I’m not going anywhere.” That could get weird and seem suspicious. Instead, periodically comment about the things you look forward to in future stages of life. Then, on occasion, remind her that you are here to stay. (click here to read more)

Finally, some wisdom from Robert Murray M’Cheyne:

prayer 01 (McCheyne)

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