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Sunday 12.06.15 (comfort in the greatness of Jesus)

This Sunday we’ll take a look at the first chapter of Revelation and see how even though the world may seem crazy and dark, we can find comfort in Jesus’ greatness. Also, we are one week away from the Children’s Christmas Program at 6pm on Dec 13. Hope to see you there!

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm Practice for Children’s Christmas Program
@6pm The Christmas Experience by Kyle Idleman and City on the Hill, part 1 of 2; in the church library

Sermon Notes
Comfort in the Greatness of Jesus ~ Revelation 1

We find blessing in reading and obeying what God has said in this book (1:1-3)

We should take comfort and joy in who God is and who he is making us through Jesus (1:4-10)

  • Who God is…
    • The Eternal One, the Beginning and the End
    • The source of grace and peace
    • The Almighty King of kings
    • The sacrificed Savior of the world
    • The resurrected Witness of the Father
    • The One who conquered death and now holds the keys
    • The One who dwells among his churches
    • The One who will return in glory
  • Who God has made you through Jesus…
    • His loved ones
    • Those freed from sin
    • A kingdom of priests
  • Therefore…
    • Rest in God’s grace, enjoying peace with him as his beloved children
    • Serve in your priesthood by doing good to, praying for, and sharing the gospel with others that they might rejoice with us
    • Endure patiently through trials knowing they are temporary and the best is yet to come
    • Don’t fear death or any enemy because the sovereign, resurrected King dwells with us

revelation 1_17-18

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