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Good Reads 08.12.15 (on: singleness, parenting, what matters in life, and more!)

Here is a collection of good reads gathered from across the internet this past week. Be sure to check them out!

On the greatest things in life: See the Invisible Kingdom by Ann Voskamp

Again, today, that’s always the call: Slay the idol of the seen. Slay the idol of focusing on what can only be seen, lauded, noticed. Today, a thousand times again today, I will preach his truth to this soul prone to wander, that wants nothing more than the gracious smile of our Father: “Unseen. Things Unseen. Invest in Things Unseen. The Unexpected Priority is Always Things Unseen.” (click here to read more)

On singleness and the Christian life: 11 Ways Single Christians Enjoy their Singleness without Wasting It by David Qaoud

Being single, you probably have more free time right now than you will ever have in any other season of life. Don’t waste this time. Instead, use it wisely by spending intentional time in Scripture and prayer, serving your Church and community, growing in your career, learning new trades, reading books, building healthy friendships, and potentially serving in overseas missions. You’ll still be able to do those things if and when you get married, but you just won’t be as flexible as you are right now. So steward this time wisely. (click here to read more)

On parenting and prejudice: Parenting Our Children’s Prejudice by Zack Owens

And so, as Christian parents, it is a delight to see our children conformed to the image of their Savior — one who draws close to the rejected and brokenhearted. Jesus comes near to those who were once far off, alienated, separated, told to “sit at my feet,” and those whose very lives are discarded because they provide for us no tangible benefits. (click here to read more)

On the heart change of a doctor who used to perform abortions: What’s It Like to Abort Your Own Child? by Bethany Jenkins

We in the pro-life movement have no enemies to destroy. Our weapons are chaste weapons of the spirit: truth and love. Our task is less to defeat our opponents than to win them to the cause of life. To be sure, we must oppose the culture and politics of death resolutely and with a determination to win. But there is no one—no one—whose heart is so hard that he or she cannot be won over. Let us not lose faith in the power of our weapons to transform even the most resolute abortion advocates. (click here to read more)

On the heart of the gospel message: More than Good Advice by N. T. Wright

Over the years, I realized that many Christians have settled for a version of good advice: “You might need to say this prayer,” or “You might want to avoid certain types of behavior,” or “You might need to go to church from time to time.” Now, I’m all in favor of people saying prayers, reordering their behavior in the power of the Spirit and showing up for worship on Sunday. But that’s not good news. That’s good advice. It’s a system we plug into, rather than an event that transformed the world. (click here to read more)

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