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Good Reads 07.08.15 (on music, killing fear, how you think about God, and more)

On killing fear and anxiety: The Woods, Swords, and Foxes by Andrea Burke (click here for more)

In some ways, I’m reminded of the old Cherokee legend — the wolf I feed is the one that wins the fight. Except within me are not two wolves. Anxiety is the ravenous wolf, and the wolf needs to die. So more accurately, I’m chasing the blood-hungry fox that is trying to ruin the vineyard (Song of Solomon 2:15).

On the music we sing in praise to God: Sing Something Fresh by Matt Boswell (click here for more)

The hymnal of the church has no back cover. While the canon of Scripture is closed, our hymnal is an ever-expanding work. We ought to continue to sing the historic songs of our faith, but we should not blush to add new expressions of worship to God. We have many new songs that are helpful, richly theological, and thoroughly biblical.

On how we think about God: The Most Important Thing About You by Mark Altrogge (click here for more)

When you go through a hard time, what you think about God will affect how you do. Do you think God is sovereign and loving and good? Do you think God is in control and always faithful? Do you believe he loves you and is using this for your good? Or do you think he’s uninvolved and uncaring? When you’re tempted to sin, what you think about God will affect how you respond. Do you believe God knows your every thought and sees your every action? Do you believe he is holy and hates sin? Or do you believe God doesn’t really know or care?

On what it means to be spiritually mature: Celebrating Oak Trees by Mike Leake (click here for more)

For years I’ve attended various prayer meetings in which we are praying for revival. In reality I think we are often praying that God would make us immature believers again. We’ve exalted the emotion of our child-like walk with Christ to an unhealthy place. Yes, we ought to have our affections stirred. Yes, we ought to be passionate about the Lord. But a mature believer is more akin to a solid tree, filled with twists and turns and faithfully bears fruit in spite of how it has been weathered by all the changing seasons.

And speaking of newer songs… check out “Boldly I Approach” from Rend Collective:

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