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Sunday 06.21.15 (“Trust in the Lord” and Father’s Day)

This Sunday, we’ll take a look at Psalm 4 and what it means to trust in the Lord. We also want to wish all of our fathers and grandfathers a happy Father’s Day and we have a special gift we will be giving to all men present.

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
**No Evening Activities, enjoy Father’s Day!**

Sermon Notes
Trust in the Lord ~ Psalm 4

Faith is more than a mere belief in ideas or notions of truths; it is a deep trust. Psalm 4 shows us a glimpse of this trust:

  • Trust God for your righteousness (4:1)
  • Trust God to answer your prayers (4:1)
  • Trust God with your reputation (4:2-3)
  • Trust God with the things that make you angry (4:4-5)
  • Trust God for your joy (4:6-7)
  • Trust God for your security (4:8)

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