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Good Reads 06.17.15 (on marriage, Bible reading, hope, and more)

Here is a collection of good reads gathered from across the internet this past week:

On Bible reading and tools to help with your reading: God Wrote a Book (video on click here) [this five minute video is well worth the watch]

On the hope we have in life by looking towards what is coming in Christ: Fast Forward by Adam McClendon (click here)

Difficult circumstances relentlessly crash on the shores of my life seeking to drag me out to the deep seas of despair.  It can be suffocating and deadly, yet a counter weight exists, a beacon guiding me safely to a harbor for refuge in the arms of God.  It’s the promise of a glorious future guaranteed to all God’s children.

On the importance of gathering with other Christians to worship and its impact on your spiritual growth: Worship and Spiritual Formation by Micah Fries (click here)

Do not miss this. This point is significant. In an American context where we idolize independence, individualism and consumerism, an incorrect translation of this text can feed those monsters. Like my marriage to Tracy, which sanctifies me because of our differences, our worship is better together than alone. God shapes us in community – not alone.

On marriage and the Christian life: Marriage on the Edge of Eternity by Francis Chan (click here)

The goal is “undivided devotion to the Lord.” Meditate on those words. Remember that the Bible is not a book about marriage; it is a book about God. The best thing we can do with our brief lives is to devote ourselves to him and his mission. This is the goal. And marriage can actually help us achieve this goal.

On the life and death of former missionary and writer, Elisabeth Elliot: Elisabeth Elliot (1926-2015) by Justin Taylor (click here)

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