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Sunday 06.07.15 (Gideon: the reluctant judge; men’s prayer breakfast; and more)

This Sunday, we’ll start the day with a men’s prayer breakfast at 815am at Wimfield’s all men (and boys) are invited to join us there before Sunday School. We also be thinking about Judges 6-8 and the story of Gideon as the reluctant savior and judge and how he points us to Jesus, the greatest Savior and Judge. Hope to see you there!

@815 Men’s Prayer Breakfast at Wimfield’s
@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
@6pm Adult Bible Study Praying with Paul by D.A. Carson in church Library
@7pm Business Meeting

Sermon Notes
The Reluctant Judge ~Judges 6-8

  • žThe pattern of Judges: Israel disobeys, God sends an enemy against them, the people cry out, God raises up a judge to save them, the judge dies, the people disobey (repeat)
  • With Gideon:
    • After 40 years of peace, the people sinned and God sent Midian against them
    • God raised up Gideon, a reluctant judge
  • We Learn:
    • Our hearts are naturally inclined to idolatry
    • Our hope must be in Jesus, the greatest Savior and JudgežWe learn:
      • God delights in using the weak
      • –We should aim to grow strong and mature in faith

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