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Good Reads 05.20.15 (on human significance, joy, sex and culture, and more)

On the significance of humanity: You Are God’s Workmanship by Jon Bloom (click here)

Tiny, insignificant you are more glorious than the sun and more fascinating than Orion. For the sun cannot perceive its Creator’s power in its own blinding glory, nor can Orion trace his Designer’s genius in the precision of his heavenly course. But you can. You are part of the infinitesimal fraction of created things that have been granted the incredible gift of being able to perceive the power and native genius of God! And to you, and you only, is given a wholly unique perception and experience of God’s holy grand poiema. There are some verses God will show only to you. What kind of being are you, so small and weak and yet endowed with such marvelous capacity for perception and wonder?

On laughter and joy: Laughter is the Sound of Joy by Isaac Adams (click here)

My friend and I sat after a brimming meal at his house. His wife took their little girl upstairs for a bath. Their giggles rang through the house, and my friend paused our conversation for what to me seemed like a few brief seconds, but for him it was a few lifetimes. He was enthralled. He was in bliss as he cherished each sweet chuckle. “I love those laughs,” he simply said, coming down from the clouds. And that got me thinking about this gift of laughter.

On Jesus and the church: The Organization that Will Surpass Google, Apple, and WalMart by Mark Altrogge (click here)

So don’t give up on the church. Get involved. Serve wherever you can. Seek the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Give to the church. It’s an infinitely better investment than apple.

On the culture and sex: How Our Culture Undervalues Sex by J.D. Greear (click here)

Our society wants to push the idea that sex is just physical. It’s like food: when you’re hungry, you eat. When you’re feeling sexual, you sex. No big deal. It’s draconian and needlessly old fashioned to talk about what morality when it comes to sex. The only relevant question is, “What do you enjoy?” But something within us just can’t seem to accept the idea that sex is just physical.

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