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Sunday 05.17.15 (be strong and courageous, Joshua 1)

This Sunday we’ll take a look at Joshua 1 as the Lord prepared Joshua’s heart to lead the people to take the Promised Land. We’ll see how Jesus is our better Joshua and Moses and we can be strong and courageous through him. Hope to see you there!

Sunday Schedule
@945 Small Groups / Sunday School for all ages
@1045 Worship Gathering
**No evening activities due to Adrian High School’s graduation**

Sermon Notes
Strong and Courageous ~ Joshua 1

For them: Joshua was the new leader to guide the people into the Promised Land after Moses’ death

  • God promised success and prosperity if they would trust and obey
  • This was success and prosperity in the task at hand and not necessarily all things

For us: Jesus is our perfect Joshua and perfect Moses, he leads us safely into our Promised Land, eternity

  • Jesus leads us out of our sin, this is our Exodus from enslavement
  • Jesus leads us through our present lives, this is our wilderness
    • We must be focused, not allured by the wilderness
    • We must be strong, not afraid of the wilderness
    • We must be engaged, not isolated from the wilderness
  • Jesus leads us into eternity, this is our Promised Land
  • As Jesus leads, we must trust and obey

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