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Good Reads May 6, 2015 (on: enjoying Bible reading, God’s plan for your life, dying well, and more)

Here is a collection of good reads from other blogs and websites collected over this past week. Enjoy!

On Bible reading: How to Read the Bible and Enjoy it by Michael Hyatt (click here)

Even if you are not a Christian—or don’t consider yourself a spiritually-inclined person—the Bible is worth reading. Without question, it has had a greater impact on Western civilization than any other book published. … But how do you start? The Bible is, after all, a big book! I have read it through several times. In fact, my goal is to read it through every year, though it some times takes a little longer.

On God’s plan for your life: God’s Plan A for Your Life by David Qaoud (click here)

If you’re a Type A person like me, you can become overly concerned about your personal accomplishments. But the truth is, who we’re becoming is more important than what we’re accomplishing.

On the security and love we find in Jesus no matter what happens in life: In Tight with the Boss of Existence by Jared C. Wilson (click here)

So even when the accuser comes and throws your sins at you, they should flame up and fizzle out like crumbly meteors entering the atmosphere of Christ’s righteousness, and you can curse that devil and remind him that you are in tight with the boss of his existence, with the boss of very existence itself.

On living to die well: Die Well by Jonathan Parnell (click here)

We die well when we call death gain — which is not about what death gets us, but what death can’t take away. There is a major difference here between false gain and true gain.

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