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Good Reads 04.29.15 (on: our witness and work, the things that concern us, and more)

Here are some links to some good reads collected from other blogs this past week:

On being a Christian witness at work: How to Build a Faithful Witness at Work by Joshua Whetstein (click here)

We spend half of our awake life working. Let that sink in. Most of us spend more time with those at work than we do with our wives and children. “Authentic” and “organic” — the buzzwords abounding in today’s relational world — are typically applied to those places in our life like our churches and communities, but what about our workplaces?

On the things we let concern us: Getting Bored with the Right Things by Jared C. Wilson (click here)

Show [Jesus] the array of worldly treasures offered by the glossy pages in the grocery checkout line, their bold lines and photoshopped bait promising lurid gossip and fabricated scandals, and he rolls his eyes. Show him the latest People magazine cover, and he will yawn. (Oh, that Christians would YAWN more when the world tries to bait us into outrage over shallow things!) But show Jesus not People magazine, but people—needy, desperate, sinful people—people who are like sheep without a shepherd—put him in the thickest thick of dealing with souls, and he weeps, he prays, he loves.

On meditating on God’s word: We Know How to Meditate by Mike Leake (click here)

You and I know how to meditate. We do it all the time. The problem is few of us know how to meditate on God’s Word. We’ve gotten so much practice in ruminating on the thoughts of the world that we’ve grown ill-acquainted with giving our minds to the things of God.

On our dependence on God: Why You Should (Literally) Look at the World Upside Down by Trevin Wax (click here)

What happens when our love for God and the world increases in proportion to our realization of utter dependence on God? We are filled with gratitude.

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