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Links from the Week (4.03.15 ~ Easter, Parenting, and more)

Some good reads collected over the last week…

On Good Friday and Jesus’s resurrection (Easter):
A look at the claim that Jesus’ life and resurrection were based on older pre-Christian myths:

Those who take time to research these supposed Jesus-like figures see how ridiculous the claims are, because they often simultaneously exaggerate and oversimplify the comparisons.

On why the resurrection matters and the difference it makes in our lives:

We serve a Risen Savior. As a living, risen Savior, Jesus has overcome both death and hell. Overcoming death and hell, Jesus offers the free gift of eternal salvation from our sin. In offering salvation to us, Jesus pursues a personal, love relationship with us.

On what’s good about “Good Friday”:

I’ve heard the question asked more than once: “If Jesus died on Friday, why do we call it Good Friday?” It’s an important question. It’s a question that demands an answer. Here’s the truth: Jesus’ death is a good thing.

On living a life that matters:

So what are you pouring your life into making? When it’s over, what will you leave behind that will really last? When you report to your master how you invested the talents he gave you, what will you show as a return?

On parenting:

As a parent, I’m free to admit that most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t have to look like I’ve got it all together. I don’t have to try to make other people think that I’m Super Parent, able to diagnose a sinful heart with a single word. On my best days, my parenting is a mixed bag of Bible, desperate prayer, confusion, anger, repentance, hugs, and ice cream.

Finally, on whether or not to leave your church:
Three bad reasons to leave a church:

The people of God, the Church around the world, is the bride of Christ, and the bride of Christ deserves the faithfulness of a bride, not the summer crush you bailed on when you were a jerk in college. Your church is broken because it’s made up of broken people, including yourself. Abandoning the local church is only acceptable under a few extreme circumstances.

Three good reasons to leave a church:

If you’ve found yourself in a position that may lead you to leave your church, I encourage you to first pray. Pray that God would give you the grace and strength to work for change in the church so that it may be more faithful to the calling God has given it in the Great Commission. After you’ve prayed, worked graciously and humbly with church leaders to assess and examine possible areas for change, and prayed some more, if no change is happening, you may consider finding another group of believers with whom you can worship.

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