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Links from the week (3/15/15-3/21/15)

Below are some good reads from some different sites this past week:

“Why God Is After Your Joy” (Desiring God)

Behind all these promises was the most stunning and unimaginable promise of all: The sun will become obsolete as it gives way to the manifestation of the glory of God, his “everlasting light,” which will illuminate this city forever. In God’s radiant presence, all sorrow will cease. All sin will be done away with. All enemies will be vanquished. God’s people will possess this new land forever with no threat of exile. Nothing will threaten or hinder their joy.

“We Must Replicate Disciples” (Baptist Press)

At church one Sunday someone told him, “Robby, you’re like a Timothy. You need a Paul.” So Gallaty prayed for about two months that God would put a Paul in his life.

“Living Well in a Digital World” (Tim Challies)

The consistent call of the Bible is to be people who ponder God’s Word, who ponder the world around us, and who constantly grow in wisdom. We can only do this when we break away from our distractions and choose to focus. So Christian, put off distraction and put on concentration and meditation. Control your devices so they serve you as you grow in wisdom and grow in godliness.

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