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Sunday 03.01.15

In Exodus 32-33 the people of Israel decided to bow down and worship a golden calf. Idolatry is ultimately at the root of all sins, and it’s something that we still have to guard against today as we seek to follow Jesus (1 John 5:21). This Sunday we’ll talk about how to deal with idol hearts.

@945 Small Groups / Sunday School (all ages)
@1045 Morning Service
@5pm Awana
@6pm Adult Video Study: “Portrait of a Struggle” by Paul David Tripp

**Keep an eye on the weather, we could have snow and ice this weekend, stay tuned for any cancellations or changes

Also coming soon (pastor Mike will be leading the Sunday evening session on March 15–all from the church are invited and encouraged to attend the evening sessions from 3.15-3.18 @7pm, more info at


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