2015-2016 Bible Challenge, news and updates, resources

2015-16 Bible Reading Challenge

Starting January 1, 2015, as a church we will be going through a 2-year Bible reading plan/challenge. The plan covers the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice, reading no more than three chapters a day, five days a week.

We will be doing some devotional blogs here during the challenge, and most of the Sunday sermons will be drawn from the schedule for the previous week.

It is my hope that all who are involved at FBC Adrian (and any others who want to follow along) will join us in this. I also encourage everyone to purchase a notebook or journal, or use a program on your computer, phone, or tablet to record your thoughts and questions as we go through the readings. We can then discuss them at other meetings (Sunday nights or Wednesday nights).

Below you will find attached a .pdf (Acrobat Reader) copy of the Bible reading plan as well as a document with some basic Bible study tips using the READ method: Read, Explore, Apply, Discuss. Use them and share them as needed.

2015-16 Bible Calendar (linear)

READ tips for bible study

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